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While ‘long, free flowing hair’ sounds great, maintaining such hair is a difficult task. This is through personal experience. I have the experience of carrying long hair (used to be knee length in my younger years) and taking care of these would take considerable amount of time & effort in not just cleansing, drying, conditioning, etc. but even in getting the right shampoo & conditioner which would give adequate softness, sheen and moisture to my rather dry hair.

This leads me to always be on the lookout for products that would give results as per my expectations. I browse through websites, ask my readers and friends and read a lot of product reviews. One of these searches led me to Morrocco Method. Never heard of this range of hair care products but very well spoken of by many, I decided to give it a try buying their trial pack. I must add here that I have kind of got hooked to their Shampoos and Conditioners.


First things first, Morrocco Method International product manufacturing team understands what hair need and what it doesn’t. Hence they have eliminated all the unnecessary stuff and made their shampoos, raw, vegan, gluten free, chemical free, paraben free, paleo friendly and colour safe.

Morrocco Method offers 5 variants of shampoos and as they claim, each of these five variants is based on the principles of five elements – water, earth, fire, air and ether.

Sea Essence Shampoo: This shampoo is  based on water element. It is suitable for normal to dry hair and scalp. As claimed by the company on its website, the shampoo promotes hair growth and helps to improve and restore hair’s natural shine and luster. This sulfate free shampoo is the most conditioning and moisturizing of all 5 MM shampoos.

Available in two sizes – 2 oz. and 12 oz for $5.95 and $29.00, respectively


Heavenly Essence Shampoo: Based on Ether element this shampoo is for normal to damaged hair and scalp. It dynamically energizes and conditions the hair and scalp. Presence of aloe-vera and hemp seed oil helps condition the hair and help control Frizz. It stimulates, rejuvenates, and revitalizes the hair and scalp providing shine and luster to dry or damaged strands.

Available in two sizes – 2 oz. and 12 oz for $5.95 and $29.00, respectively


Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo: This shampoo is based on fire element and is suitable for all type of hair. Non-foaming and antibacterial, the shampoo repairs and stimulates the scalp, increases blood flow, and restores hair and scalp to a healthy pH level. It is a great shampoo that nourishes the hair and scalp and flushes out debris, excess oil build-up, and unhealthy bacteria.

Available in two sizes – 2 oz. and 12 oz for $5.95 and $29.00, respectively


Pine Shale Shampoo:  Non-foaming containing ancient shale oil for nourishment and healing of hair and scalp, this Air element shampoo is for normal to flaky hair and scalp. This sulfate free shampoo is helpful for people with dandruff, itchy scalps, and inflammation as it is the most restorative of all our shampoos.

Available in two sizes – 2 oz. and 12 oz for $5.95 and $29.00, respectively


Earth Essence Shampoo:  Based on Earth element, this shampoo is good for normal to oily hair and scalp. It consists of a mixture of essential oils, French clay, and botanical proteins which rejuvenates and detoxifies the hair and scalp. This sulfate free shampoo removes excess oil leaving your hair looking thicker and fuller soon after each use.

Available in two sizes – 2 oz. and 12 oz for $5.95 and $29.00, respectively


Volcanic Powder Dry Shampoo: Apart from the above-mentioned five element based shampoos, which I have personally tried, Morrocco Method also offers this dry shampoo (I have not tried this myself hence mostly relying on other reviews and the fact that I trust this company’s products).

This 100% natural shampoo is  for convenient hair care on the go, irrespective of the type of hair and scalp. According to the Morrocco Method website, its main ingredient, Bentonite Clay helps absorb excess oil and gives your hair the added volume. It also contains aloe-vera, prickly pear powder which provide essential vitamins to seal the moisture, fight breakouts, and balance pH levels to keep hair shiny and healthy. This shampoo can be used to gradually reverse chemical damage caused by synthetic shampoos and restore a natural glow without leaving a dusty residue. A thin layer of volcanic powder coats the strands, protecting against smog, sun, and wind damage.

Available for $25.00


Like the wide range of shampoos, Morrocco Method offers a wide range of vegan, raw and gluten-free conditioners, too. Additionally, their conditioners are sulphate free, synthetic chemical free, paraben free and paleo friendly. These conditioners aim to detox, detangle, and moisturize and there is always a perfect conditioner for everyone.

Floating Lotus Conditioner: Perfect rinse-out conditioner for all types of hair it gives instant moisture to the hair and scalp. Enhanced with a synergistic blend of wild crafted botanicals and hand-picked herbs to detangle, condition and moisturize the hair and scalp, it leaves the hair shiny, soft and manageable. After shampooing, apply this product to your hair and allow to sit up to 15 minutes to take the maximum benefit of its deep conditioning and detangling power.

Available in 2 sizes 2.0 oz and 12.0 oz for $5.95 to $29.00, respectively


Pearl Essence Creme Rinse: Another rinse-out shampoo, it is good for extremely dry hair, it restores the scalps pH balance and gives your hair lot of moisturizing nutrients which effectively address the problem of hair breakage. With hints of patchouli and lavender, this rinse-out creme conditioner leaves the hair feeling silky smooth and smelling amazing.

Available in 2 sizes 2.0 oz and 12.0 oz for $5.95 to $29.00, respectively


Diamond Crystal Mist: As the name (Mist) suggests, this is a spray conditioner and is excellent and beneficial for all types of hair. This leave-in conditioner contains liquid crystals, natural herbs and rare oil that makes your hair feeling soft after applying. It can be sprayed on wet or dry hair and leave it throughout the day or night.

Available in 2 sizes 2.0 oz and 8.0 oz for $5.95 and $19.00, respectively.


Sapphire Volumizer Mist: This, too, is a leave-in spray conditioner with natural grapeseed extract which gives your hair a fuller look after use and is suitable for all type of hair. Apart from providing shine to the hair, it also heals the hair follicle that may have been damaged due to synthetic hair color, perms, etc.

Available in 2 sizes 2.0 oz and 8.0 oz for $5.95 and $19.00, respectively.


Euro Natural Oil: Perfect for providing deep conditioning to the hair and scalp, this oil, made from the oils of almonds, avocados and jojoba is an excellent conditioner. When massaged into the scalp it stimulates the sebaceous glands and restores the natural pH level of the scalp. As others, this, too is raw, vegan and gluten free and is great for all hair types.

Available in 2 sizes 2.0 oz and 4.0 oz  and is priced $7.50 and $15.00, respectively.


The Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Masque: A unique formula of clays, minerals, and herbs mask which improves hair damaged by use of chemicals in the synthetic hair products and gives new life to the hair affected by the chemicals, heavy metals, and often carcinogenic exposures of daily living.

Available in 2 sizes 1.0 oz and 4.0 oz priced at $5.95 and $19.00, respectively.


My personal experience with Morrocco Method International’s products has been very good and it will have to be some out-of-this-world product which can make me consider against MM products.

New users may find it a little disturbing that MM shampoos are non-foaming, however, that is because these shampoos are chemical free and do not contain those agents that help foaming in the synthetic shampoos. Trust me, the effect on your hair is amazingly great.

                Trial Pack – Shampoos
                    Trial Pack – Conditioners







If you still have some doubts, I strongly suggest that you start with the trial pack of shampoos and trial pack of conditioners, available for $35.00 each, and see the result before taking these up on a regular basis.

All the best!!