Be fair to your hair !!

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“Wow!!, you have such beautiful and long hair…what do you do to keep them healthy and thick?”

“How do you manage such long and flowing hair? I wish I could get hair like you, too”

These are a couple of many comments that I get to hear often when I go out with my hair open and flowing. The answer to all such questions is only one – I treat my hair as an important part of me and very well understand the importance of hair care. Believe it or not, taking care of hair is extremely important. While we will deal with the subject of hair care in subsequent posts, let us begin with how is hair important to us.

Importance of Hair

Indeed, long, flowing, thick, silky hair, do create a statement about the person who carries them. As a matter of fact, hairstyle is an important feature that describes a personality. Be it long, short, blunt, black, blonde, brunette or even coloured in some unusual bright & flashy colours. Particuarly so, for we women.

Come to think of it, hair is somewhat useless, we can all live without it, yet, if we lose it, we feel devastated. The reason being it gives us our identity. It is a differentiator which makes us look different from others and if it is so important, it is equally important for us to take utmost care of this lovely God gift by keeping them healthy. Don’t you think so?

 Role of Scalp

Unhealthy hair are, more often than not, a result of unhealthy scalp. Look at it from the relationship of soil and plants. Unhealthy soil can not result in healthy plant growth. Similarly, without the foundation of a healthy and clean scalp it is virtually impossible to have lustrous hair.

Hair problems such as thinning, falling, dandruff, etc. could all indicate that something is not right with the scalp and the attention needs to be focused upon correcting the scalp problem.

Scalp, which is an extension of our skin and quite like it can be broadly classified as Normal, Oily or Dry and each of these need a different kind of treatment to keep it healthy. Treatment could be by way of external agents like shampoo, creams, conditioners or could be by way of our food intake – foods which provide required nourishment to our scalp. Mostly, it is a combination of external agents and food intake that works wonders to keep our scalp healthy and, consequently, hair healthy.

Of course, there could be reasons other than unhealthy scalp which could cause damaged hair like excess blow drying or uncontrolled usage of wrong kind of creams/shampoos/conditioners or styling products.

Just to sum up, it is, perhaps, right to say that it would be prudent to keep a close watch on the health of our hair just like any other body organ for, even though they may not be vitally important, they do play an important role in creating our image and personality in the society.

Take care!

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